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EcoSphere Sciences Inc. (ESS) is a Nevada-based company that specializes in providing uncomplicated, environmentally friendly solutions to address the urgent challenges of waste disposal, agriculture, and environmental issues faced in today’s world.

ESS aims to introduce an array of products and processes that have already been developed and patented. These innovations are poised to revolutionize the waste disposal industry, substantially enhance agricultural productivity, and effectively remediate environmental pollution.

The Muncher® history

A Decade Ago

It took us a whole decade of hard work and determination, but we finally achieved our dream: creating the very first Muncher®! Back then, they operated within modest 30-gallon oil drums, but their success undeniably proved the concept we had in mind.

Five Years Back

Fast forward a few more years, and we managed to showcase mobile Munchers® with the impressive ability to process 5 tons every day. The catch was that they still required manual operation, which was a significant step forward nonetheless.


Fully automated modular Muncher®
- Cheaper, Faster, Smaller -
Customized solutions sized from 5 tons per day to thousands of tons per day and any size in between.

Cheaper, faster, smaller: The Muncher®

How it works


The Muncher® in 3 minutes video

Our Members

Ron Cline


Moe Memon

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. James Stein


Jacob Dickinson

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Ailes

(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) | Treasurer

Gustavo Serrano

ICologico Mexico

iCologico México
Mexico Muncher® Partner

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