“Humanity has created various ways to aerobically digest through composting, but the labor, water, equipment and footprint needed do not come close to ESS’ solution-driven system. It could take nature up to 2 years for soil food web organisms to create an output as rich as the one produced by The Muncher®.”
Leighton Morrison
CEO - Kingdom Aquaponics, LLC
Converting organic waste into energy requires a huge capital investment just to enter into permitting and obtaining the permission to actually begin construction can take years. The equipment is extremely expensive, generally has a large footprint and is costly to maintain. Certain types have the potential to explode. In addition, this doesn’t include negotiating a power purchase agreement or the cost of that infrastructure.
Leighton Morrison
CEO - Kingdom Aquaponics, LLC
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At ESS Inc. we’re revolutionizing waste processing, agriculture and environmental solutions to address today’s most pressing challenges.

Our innovative approach is centered around the cutting-edge Muncher® System, designed to transform waste management into a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally conscious endeavor.

Transforming Waste, Revitalizing the Earth

Environmental Benefits:
A Greener Tomorrow

Our Muncher® System brings a host
of environmental benefits.

Elimination of hazardous gases and harmful by-products

Eradication of dangerous pathogens

Drastic reduction in carbon footprint

Diminished reliance on landfills

Effective environmental clean-up and remediation

Elimination of transportation waste

Breaks down glyphosate

Prevention of pollutant leaching into aquifers

Zero contribution of pollutants to rivers and oceans

Economic Advantages:
Savings and Sustainability

Choosing The Muncher® System translates to
impressive economic benefits.

Significant reduction in waste disposal costs.

Rapid processing that outpaces traditional methods.

Over 70% decrease in solid waste volume.

Substantial cuts in transportation expenses.

Elimination or reduction of landfill tipping fees.

Increased waste capacity without compromising efficiency.

Generation of usable and saleable by-products and commodities.

ESS Inc. Driven by Vision

Discover Eco Sphere Sciences Inc. (ESS), a Nevada-based company dedicated to providing straightforward and environmentally friendly solutions. We’re committed to solving waste disposal, agricultural and environmental problems through innovation and sustainability.

the Muncher® System

Industrializing bioremediation is at the coreof our Muncher® System.

Aerobically breaks down green waste, rotten food, meats, derived municipal solid waste (MSW) and organic/inorganic compounds.

Achieves superior results compared to traditional windrow composting

Delivers results in less than an hour, optimizing efficiency and space usage

The solution:
Transforming Waste Processing

The Muncher® System’s key benefits.

Impressive reduction of solid waste volume by 70% or more

Potential cost justification through reduced landfill tipping fees.

Proven enhancement of food plant growth by 25% to 30% through solid and liquid by-products.


Advantages of The Muncher®

The Muncher®, EcoSphere Science’s revolutionary new waste processor, has a significant number of advantages over its competitors.  A purchaser of a waste processor typically needs

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