Advantages of The Muncher®

The Muncher®, EcoSphere Science’s revolutionary new waste processor, has a significant number of advantages over its competitors.  A purchaser of a waste processor typically needs to consider trade-offs – balancing considerations of cost, speed and size in an effort to obtain the system that best suits their needs. 

The purchaser of a Muncher® does not have to weigh these factors – because the Muncher® is cheaper.  The Muncher® is faster.  And the Muncher® is smaller. 

First, it is cheaper.  It is cheaper to buy, and it is cheaper to operate.  Compare Muncher® costs with any waste processing system with the same daily capacity so you can see for yourself.  The initial cost is lower than comparable systems.  90% of the operating cost of a Muncher®, on a per-ton basis, consists of labor costs.  Because the Muncher® is fully computerized, the labor costs are kept to a minimum. 

Second, the Muncher® is faster.  The Muncher® is an aerobic digester that processes all types of organic waste completely and safely in approximately 45 minutes.  The Muncher® has been shown to completely process not only ordinary green waste and food waste, but material that is difficult to process, such as bones, carcasses, and pine needles.  The time needed depends on the material, but ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, with 45 minutes being the average for a standard mix of organic waste. 

Third, the Muncher® is smaller.  The larger Munchers, which process 100 tons per day, have a footprint approximately the size of a tennis court.  A Muncher® that can process 5 tons per day is so small that it can be loaded on a truck and transported from site to site, if so desired. 

But these are not the only advantages to a Muncher®.  The Muncher® is completely safe if the operating instructions are followed. The only byproducts of Muncher® processing are a highly effective and organic soil amendment – which is currently being analyzed and which soil scientists and mycologists say could well qualify as a soil inoculant – nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.  There are risks to other forms of waste processing.  Landfill is unsightly and the huge mounds of decaying material can generate both chemical and biological hazards.  Incineration generally avoids these risks but is rarely cost-effective as additional costs accrue in order to maintain environmental safety.  Anaerobic digesters are designed to produce methane, which is a very effective fuel, but unfortunately one that can explode if the safety measures are inadequate.  Munchers have none of these drawbacks. 

However, not every waste processor considers Muncher® output to be an asset.  It would be for anyone who needs fertilizer – but not every waste processor does.  The fact that the Muncher® generates in excess of 1200 pounds of output in the form of a slurry might be seen as a liability by some potential waste processors. 

But, as the Australians say, no worries!  EcoSphere Sciences constructed finance arrangements which will not only allow those waste processors to get rid of any output they deem undesirable, but to obtain a share of the revenue generated by the sale of such output. 

The Muncher® is reliable.  Its mechanical components, such as grinders, pumps and heaters, are produced by major manufacturers with decades of experience in delivering high-quality, reliable equipment.  These components are manufactured worldwide and have been standard in industry for more than a century.  As a result, there are no idiosyncratic bottlenecks of the type that can occur when one is forced to depend on a small number of suppliers. 

Finally, the Muncher® can also assist in the critical job of environmental cleanup.  The Muncher® has been shown to completely eliminate glyphosate – the carcinogen in RoundUp – in high concentrations.  The mechanism by which this is accomplished is currently being investigated, and there is good evidence to suggest that it may well be effective in eliminating other environmental hazards.

What makes the Muncher® so effective cannot be seen – at least with the naked eye.  The key to the Muncher’s superiority lies in the biochemical suite that is the heart – or maybe stomach would be a better organ to use for comparison – of the Muncher®.  It has taken more than a decade to develop this unique blend.  There are other aerobic digesters on the market, but there is none which processes with the speed of the Muncher® and which delivers a final product that is so effective for producing larger and healthier crops.

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